About us

We are an initiative of civic associations and individuals who are trying to rationalize drug policy in Slovakia. We also want to enforce such drug laws, which won't be based on repression, but on prevention and modern scientific knowledge.

Main objectives:
  • To enforce positive change of drug policy in Slovakia.
  • To encourage public discussion on the subject of drug policy based on expertise, mutual tolerance and open-mindedness to other ideas.
  • To actively promote the use of cannabis in the areas of health, ecology, economy and research.
Supporting objectives:
  • To promote change in legislation concerning the handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances:
    - decriminalization of possession of cannabis and other narcotic and psychotropic substances for the user's need
    - decriminalization of cultivation of plants containing narcotic and psychotropic substances for the user's needs
    - legalization of medical cannabis for all patients who need it
    - legalization of CBD, non-psychoactive component (not only) of cannabis
  • To raise awareness of people about the real risks, but also positives of narcotic and psychotropic substances use
Members of the campaign (civic associations):

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